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Carmen  Hayes - Treasurer

Carmen Hayes Bio:

Like so many of us, I have been riding for many years first on 2 wheels then on 4 wheels. Camping was a large part of my childhood, so the riding and camping together is a great form of recreation.

I met my husband Mark in Ireland, where he's from originally. We discovered we shared a passion for motorcycles. He worked in the motorcycle industry there and did well however, I thought he needed to be here in the United States where he could utilized his skills much more. He came, we got married and the rest is history.

We started riding with our friend Mike Grady, who was a quick response member with Rescue 3. Mark and I rode along once and haven't stopped since. I ride a 2006 Yamaha 700 Raptor. Most other riders (male riders) would say it's too much bike for me, but I think it's just right!

Though I have been in the medical field for several years, Mark and I enrolled in EMT classes at our local college to improve our skills and of course completed Basic Life Saving classes and CPR.

We are an ideal team, Mark and Mike are on bikes with back packs full of medical supplies and I carry, on the racks of my quad some very vital equipment such as oxygen, a resuscitator, C spine and anything else that can be strapped down.

I have always enjoyed riding. Now, I find great satisfaction participating in the Rescue 3 organization because I feel like I am caring for someone who is injured or lost as though I am their mom, sister or friend.

Carmen Hayes

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